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Upcoming Teacher Trainings

Certificates Available Teach Seniors, Adults, Youth

We offer individual and facility-wide Meditative Movement™ Teaching Certificates that are customized to meet your needs. You can teach the movements to seniors, adults, and youth in many different settings.

Meditative Movements™ uses safe, easy-to-follow, therapeutic movements that support the entire person. Being aware of their physical abilities, individuals move their bodies while affirming a positive mental outlook and releasing harmful thoughts and emotions. Your participants can become healthier, happier and feel whole. Learn More

Power of Positive Aerobics Now Available Streaming/On Demand/Rent

Power of Positive Aerobics DVD

Exercises strengthen the body; affirmations empower the mind.

Aerobics is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

Pat Huss Sheveland says, "I just finished your DVD workout and I did the easier one... Sweating my you know what off! I LOVED it! What a great idea adding affirmations to an exercise routine! The routine is great for all fitness levels too."

  • 30-minute video has three different workout levels making it suitable for all fitness abilities.
  • An easy-to-learn, low impact option allows beginners to achieve instant success.
  • Experienced exercisers can do the high impact option or use weight resistance movements to challenge their physical limits.
  • All levels include the spoken affirmations.


Streaming/On Demand/Rent Power of Positive Aerobics at Cinevee

You will be directed to the Cinevee website to stream, download or rent the workout. You will be able to pay via Paypal or credit card.

DVD Power of Positive Aerobics $19.95   
We will mail you the DVD.

Ellie's Meditative Yoga eBook with Video Clips

Ellie's Meditative Yoga eBook with Video Clips Picture

A beginner's journey to feeling great. This affirming, mindful workout integrates spoken affirmations like "I choose", "I am good enough" and "I release anger" with ten simple unique yoga poses. This innovative concise eBook contains written descriptions and images of the ten easy-to-do and easy-to-follow yoga movements. The online, PDF, Kindle and Nook ebook versions have links to short video clips of those movements that are viewed via the Internet. The iBookstore version has the clips embedded directly into the eBook. The video clips allow you to visually see the movements first hand. You can tailor the workout duration to your own schedule – five minutes to an hour.

Online & PDF version - $8.95  Paypal objects

Link to Kindle Book at Amazon
Link to Nook Book at Barnes & Noble Ellies Meditative Yoga with Affirmations - Ellie Peterson  This version has the clips embedded directly into the eBook.

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Change Your Life

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