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   Authentic people are impactful and valuable contributors. We explore ways for you to be healthier, happier and feel whole. By focusing 100% on your own mind, body and being, you tap into your own personal power. You have the power to create harmonious relationships, change behavior like smoking and overeating and improve productivity at your home and in your workplace. We show you new ways to be more aware so you eliminate harmful stress from everyday living.

   Our educational venues are interactive and can be customized to meet your needs. Through workshops, keynotes and lunch & learns, you can enhance your own wellness and self-leadership skills. Discover your own personal power and live your wildest dreams.

Inspiring You

Say Yes to Life

We all have the need to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts to live a successful and happy life. In addition to retraining your mind with core value affirmations, you will learn how to integrate the corresponding movements so your body stays healthy. As you explore, you will be asked to embrace and embody your own truth more deeply.

You will learn new ways to say YES to life, affirming and reinforcing that YES with some easy to follow movements you can practice anywhere.

Increase Your Addiction Recovery Success

When you are recovering from an addiction, you need to learn new ways of being in the world. The Meditative Movement program can heal your body, mind and being. By integrating these movements into your daily routine, your energy is freed from the addiction bonds.

Discover Mental Health Coping Skills

When you are feeling overwhelmed by daily life, you need easy coping skills that support your own mental and physical well-being. Self care is essential for caregivers. You can learn how to release stress and anxiety, regulate your emotions and stay calm as life unfolds naturally. Your physical body improves because you are exercising and your mental outlook becomes stable.

Self Care for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are unique because they give so much of their positive energy to the clients they serve. In order to feel competent and create healing environments, it is essential that healthcare professionals care for their own mind, body and being needs on a daily basis.

Enrich Your Wellness with Meditative Movements

Are you looking for an simple way to enrich your own health and well being? Meditative Movements integrates mindfulness, movement and affirmations so you can release negative stress, replenish your own positive energy and establish healthy emotional boundaries. The results of practicing are an empowered mind and fit body. (Download Our Brochure)


Testimonials Power of Positive Workouts

Ellie Peterson is professional, personable, intelligent, and charismatic. She combines all of these qualities to create a presentation on Meditative Movements™ that is dynamic, motivational, energizing, and fun!

Karen Finck: Health Counseling Services

I had the privilege of being able to meet and hear Ellie speak last fall for the first time. The focus on the conversation was around “Managing Work and Life.” That age old question, “How do I balance my home life, with my work life?”

Since that time, I have been able to better reflect on both my personal and work life, on what is truly important to ME. Then to take that one step further, how does that effect my family, and the individuals at my job?

I have made some small changes in my life to help with this balance. An example would be saying “No” an extra circular activity I had in my life that wasn’t adding value. It became something I felt was “expected” rather than something I really should be doing to maintain balance. Once I took that out of my weekly routine, it allowed me to start getting some of my tasks, and priorities back in the order they should be in.

Jami Stocker, Customer Implementation Leader at GE Fleet Services

First Ellie skillfully guided us through some simple, fun mindfulness activities reminding us of our interconnectedness. She then facilitated an impactful discussion enabling us to successfully identity key strategic meaningful outcomes. From this concerted effort, we were able to develop a cohesive draft strategic plan.

Michael Browne
Director of Office of Police Conduct Review

I found it to be a very uplifting and a positive program. I wished it was longer. The instructor did a good job of presenting new material and having us try it out. On a personal note, I eliminated a lot of my “worrying” with what I learned.

City of Fort Myers Employee

Thrivent Team Action and Kids & KinshipKids Kinship Feedback had the opportunity to practice Meditative Movements.

I thought the program was fun. The "I am strong" movement is my favorite. Thank you for offering this class.


An energizing, creative workout to exercise mind, body and spirit. This approach should be used by anyone who wants to be healthy.

Christine K. Clifford
CEO/President of The Cancer Club