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 Dibs on Healthy Confidence

Addiction Recovery Road

How do you increase your self-confidence? Do you ever use exercise to strengthen your resolve, so you have the courage to do something scary? When I was divorced and raising my three small children on my own, I used my exercise time to help me quit smoking. My mind was overwhelmed with anxiety because I had tried many times before and was unsuccessful. BTW, this process works to help you recover from any addiction like over texting, overeating, over worrying, over working or literally anything that harms your well-being.

When I was out with my girlfriend, her cell phone beeped. She looked at it and said, "I control you." Then with some tenacity she added, "you donít control me." I was grateful because I get annoyed when people start talking to someone else when I am right there. Dibs was what we said as kids when we laid claim to something. In this case it was her attention I wanted.

The key to increasing confidence is to set your exercise goal, then you need to follow through even if you are bored, it gets difficult, or uncomfortable. If it hurts, you need to stop. Part of the beauty of practicing Meditative Movements™, is that you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe you can reach your goal. Your body becomes stronger and your energy increases as you align with your true nature.

You can easily practice the I Can Meditative Movement™ anywhere. This is actually the first movement I created. As you walk, you say to yourself "I can." You can walk indoors or outdoors. No need to limit yourself to going anywhere in particular. You can practice as you walk to the restroom. That's it. Simple right? Notice how you feel. Is your confidence increasing as you affirm "I can" as you move?

Yes, to being in control and saying dibs on your healthy, confident life.

 Welcome New Meditative Movement™ Leaders

Picture of Paula Marie Sandberg

   Paula, owner of Mindful Monarch, is dedicated to teaching and empowering others to create a purposeful life for themselves, no matter their circumstance.

   Meditative Movements™ beautifully complements her work as an instructor of programs such as Legacy Writing™, Renewing Life™, and Awakenings™. She also offers customizable classes in mindful living, guided meditations, and cancer support group facilitation. Her clients include Pathways Healing Center, Ford Motor Company's Warriors in Pink™ national program, Breath of Hope Lung Foundation, AllinaHealth, Fairview Health, and more. She enjoys flower gardening, yoga, biking and reading.

Teaching Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area
Contact Information: phone: 612-532-9410 and email: paula@mindfulmonarch.net
Instructor Level: Beginner, September 2018

Picture of Linda Hayen

   Linda worked in Therapeutic Recreation for over 20 years. She has a B.S. in Recreation and an M.S. in Community Health Education from the University of Illinois. After observing literally hundreds of programs for folks with various needs and limitations, she was very impressed with the healing aspects of the Meditative Movements™ program. She is excited to share her skills and passion with others especially in Independent, Assisted and Memory Care facilities.

   Currently Linda is studying Tai Chi and spends much of her time being involved in community theater productions as an actress and props designer. She also enjoys reading and discussing good books. Taking long walks in the woods nourishes her.

Teaching Location: Western Suburbs & Minneapolis Area
Contact Information: phone: 651-214-1279 and email: linda590.lh@gmail.com
Instructor Level: Beginner, October 2019

To review other leaders who can teach in your area, visit our Who is Teaching page.

 STOP : Smell the Ocean

Picture of Ellie standing next to Stop Sign that reads STOP and smell the ocean.

I did it. I stopped. I smelled the ocean. I gave it my all.

Are you stopping often enough to appreciate your environment? Use all of your senses....get the most out of life.

When I posted this image on Facebook, I wanted to connect with my Minnesota friends and ask them if they could smell the snow yet was not sure how it would be received. Some of them are tired of the white stuff. Fortunately, one of my friends responded and said she did smell the snow. So it is possible.

It appears our sense of smell is the oldest sense. According to Journal of Medicine and Life:

"For most living creatures and for mankind smell is one of the most important ways of interaction with the environment. In humans, olfaction has a small contribution in identifying objects or other people, but plays an important social and emotional part. People learn to love or to hate certain foods or objects only by appreciating their odor and this proved to be a very important economic factor.

The most significant role of olfactory signals in humans appears to be the modulation of their behavior and interpersonal relationships, of their affiliation to certain groups or social classes, having a major influence in their tastes and personality."

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Change Your Life