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 Our Holiday Gift to You

Power of Positive Aerobics DVDPower of Positive Aerobics is now available Streaming/On Demand/Rent. We are offering a 50% discount to you, our newsletter friend. When you place your order at Cinevee, enter friend in the apply discount area.

Empower Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, Energize Your Spirit

This workout is unique because it combines core value affirmations with cardio exercises. As you move, you will be making positive statements like "I am successful" and "I am free" that retrain your subconscious mind and your body. The result? You can live your life in a fit body, calm mind, and energized spirit. Your new attitudes and beliefs are aligned with your true nature so you feel good naturally. Aerobic exercises are the best for maintaining a healthy weight.

This 18 or 30 minute video has three different workout levels making it suitable for all fitness abilities.

 Emotional & Mental Health


Do you believe that your emotions are a powerful part of your health equation? When I read the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, she stated that every disease has a corresponding emotional component. When I got appendix cancer, a cancer survivor suggested I look at my anger. As I paid more attention to my daily interactions, I began to see that many of my reactions were stemming from frustration and irritation which are subtle forms of anger. My habitual behavior pattern was to deny these emotions. At this time, I decided that the cancer was inviting me to learn how to honor difficult emotions and release them in healthy ways.

How do you feel about the following statements?

1. I have a choice in how I feel.
2. I can release harmful emotions.
3. I can cultivate positive emotions.
4. My mind and body are connected. If my mind fosters unhealthy thoughts and emotions, my body is impacted.

If a statement is bothersome to you, I invite you to spend some time exploring why.

Ideally, when we need healing, we would follow the medical protocol while integrating some complementary and alternative medicine practices (CAM). Meditative Movements™ is new CAM technique that is designed to release the harmful emotions from your body while strengthening and energizing your body, mind and spirit. Massage, acupuncture, tai chi, meditation, and drinking green tea are other examples of a CAM practice.

 Welcome New Meditative Movement™ Teachers

Our Meditative Movement™ teachers are able to come into your facility and share the movements.

Picture of Mary Hannah Mary Hannah is a Registered Nurse and the Manager of Population Health Management at UM Charles Regional Medication Center (UM CRMC). She is also Certified as a Diabetes Educator and has her MPH from Liberty University.

Picture of Angela Deal Angela Deal is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist and has worked for the Charles County Department of Health for 15 years. Meditative Movements™ will now be a part of the health education programs that the department offers.

Picture of Roxanne Roxanne Schlasner is a skilled LPN, massage therapist, Reiki master, and Healing Touch practitioner.

She has provided personal services in Rochester, Minnesota since 1992 through her business Hands of Healing: Reiki and Massage.

To connect with a Meditative Movement™ teacher, visit our Who Is Teaching page. If you are interested in obtaining a teacher certificate, contact Ellie at ellie@powerpositiveworkouts.com or call 612-710-3415.

 Restorative Justice Practices


The 2018 International Conference on Restorative Practices was held in my hometown of St. Paul, MN. This three-day conference brought professionals who support restorative practices in schools, prisons, workplaces, organizations, families and communities together to share their knowledge and experience.

Restorative Justice (RJ) practices seek to restore order, safety and peace when harm has occurred due to breaking the law or rules. A restorative approach seeks ways to heal property, physical or emotional harm by requiring involved parties to acknowledge their role and take responsibility for the harm. Encounter, amends, reintegration, and inclusion are the four key values of an RJ program. The circle, a traditional form of indigenous communities approach to problem solving, is one model that may be used in an RJ program. The circle model is a peacemaking process which promotes safety and healing by addressing the pain that gives rise to hurtful or violent conduct. Pranis, Stuart & Wedge (2003) wrote that circles invite a paradigm shift from:

1. coercion to healing
2. solely individual to individual and collective accountability
3. primary dependence on the state to greater self reliance within the community, and
4. justice as “getting even” to justice as “getting well”

My workshop focused on Healing Self Into Wholeness. The body and mind can store past injuries and when they are not dealt with, harmful behaviors are repeated. Mindfulness practices like Meditative Movements™ can uncover past traumas enabling individuals to let them go, learn to live in the reality of the present moment thereby changing their future actions.

Visit restorative practices for more information.

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