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 Free Meditative Movement™ Loving Yourself 21 Day Challenge

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself 21 Day Challenge

Our 21 Day Loving Yourself Meditative Movement™ Challenge starts on Valentine's Day, Thursday, February 14, 2019.

Loving yourself means you take time to be with yourself. As you move your body, you become more in tune with your body's messages. When you say the core value affirmations, your chattering mind calms and you feel empowered. This mind-body connection energizes your spirit and you feel free to be your best self. You can affirm the universal life force and release harmful energy every day so you can be healthier, happier and feel whole.

This simple program integrates physical movements with the breath and core value affirmations. You can easily perform the movements during your normal routine...in your home, care facility, office, school and gym settings. Best of all you do not need to change into workout clothes. Whatever your physical abilities, you can enjoy being in your body and affirming your true nature.

When you take care of your own mind, body and being needs, you connect with the source of love and goodness that exists within you. Feeling loved yourself, you give freely to others. Take the challenge and love yourself in a new and enriching way.

 Here's How It Works

1. Sign up below. On February 14, you will receive your first email with a video of the Meditative Movement™ you are to practice.

2. You are to practice each Meditative Movement™ for three minutes, three times a day for three days. Remember you can practice more if you like. Every three days you will receive an email with the next Meditative Movement™ video. You will receive a total of seven movements in our 21 day challenge.

3. Optional: You can also connect with Ellie and others who are taking the challenge in a dedicated Facebook group.

4. Record that you completed the movements by downloading our calendar or use your own method.

5. If you complete the challenge, you will be invited to enter a drawing where you can win a one hour coaching session with Ellie, the creator of the Meditative Movement™ technique.

21 Challenge: At home, work, dedicated workout time

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Remember to challenge your friends. It's fun to be around people who love themselves.

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Change Your Life